Wednesday, 16 January 2008

All change - but looking forward

A guid New Year to one and all!

Well it has been a tough end to my work in Chennai and a highly emotional start to my visit to Scotland, but now I am at least able to get back on track with FBG!

Reaching Scotland in stormy, snowy and freezing cold conditions was a real shock to the system, not helped by the fact that all of my luggage stayed cosy and comfy in Dubai. My warm weather clothing, the little that I had, stayed in my case, where I had strategically packed it - right at the top, ready for me to grab it on arrival at Glasgow airport.

I was faced with a number of challenges. firstly keeping it all together with the baggage handlers while I was extremely fragile emotionally. Secondly, getting socks, shoes, essentials to see me through the first days at breakneck speed. Third, travelling up north on a 3 hour drive so that I caught the last ferry of the day. Fourth, braving the blizzard conditions on the way up which really did try to sabotage the drive - though I did catch the ferry by the skin of my teeth. Fifth, working with the few garments I had, trying to make sure I was decent and appropriate for the funeral the next morning. I am very thankful that family were glad I had made it and excused and ingonred the strange garb I was in.
Now the dust is settling a little, and I am spending some precious time with my father on Lismore, the remote Scottish island where he lives. I am enjoying daily walks in this beautiful place, while starting to reflect on recent months and plan for the next phase.
What's next? Who knows! A few possibilities are coming to light, in various places. For now I am just going to focus on what is important and let the rest fall into place.
Connectivity is a little limited, but I also want to fill in some of the gaps from the last months too, so there is plenty on the horizon to share in the coming days.