Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Farewell Delhi days and Incredible India!!

Finally the paperwork is complete, visas in passports and tickets being issued so that we can travel tomorrow (Wednesday) - so it is time to bid Delhi farewell. We have been here longer than anticipated and it's been good to spend time here. Memories and impressions of our stay in Delhi include:
Wonderful advertising - this medical outlet really knows how to attract attention!

Creative and appropriate motorcycle headgear..........
and colourful hair styles

Seeing how many passengers you can get into an auto
and peeking through the fancy temple like windows at the back
Cars with fitted curtains as a regular feature.
All kinds of roadside shops and stalls...........

Chaperoned driving instruction - driving lessons where your sisters and aunties can come along too.................
Pigeons having a ball - and a bath on the rooftops after a storm

and cows going about their daily work
Forget pizza delivery - what about pot plant delivery?
...............and my favourite - at the end of each day, as the sun goes down - watching people gather on the grassy islands in the middle of the busy flyovers near Safdarjung!

How on earth they get there is a mystery, but they clearly seem to enjoy relaxing there, oblivious to the lanes of speeding traffic surrounding them! Wonderful - Incredible India Indeed!