Saturday, 25 August 2007

Pondy and Parachutes

It has been a while again! More travels, and even more work - and the result is less blogging, despite more and more experiences and wonderful moments to share.

I had a great visit to Pondy Bazaar (fantastic shopping street in Chennai) with camera and my friend J who was visiting from Kathmandu. I had never been brave enough to take my camera before and snap away at the incredible sights there so her visit was a welcome opportunity for both of us. Then a visit to the real Pondicherry, and more sights. Immediately followed by a truly special and inspirational visit to the Andamans .......... and another month disappears.

On the negative side, I realise that taking technology for granted is akin to pride coming before a fall. I find myself unable to upload anything more than a zillionth of a minibyte in any 24 hour period and therefore I can't quite get the photos on the the site yet.

So here is a starter. J needed hair oil - and was given this, the latest, trendiest hair oil.....

"Parachute Hair Oil"

....... clearly for flyaway hair!

1 comment:

Rapata said...

Your blog brings back so many find memories of our time in India.
I used to buy Parachute Coconut oil, we used it as a bath oil and I can still remember the strong sweet smell of coconut.
Look forward to seeing more pictures when you are able topost them.