Friday, 19 October 2007

Dictionary corner

I have to share some wonderful new Indian English words or expressions which I have learned recently. I have added their definitions according to how they appear to be used….

oracy - proficiency in speaking (like literacy, numeracy..)
analysisation - carrying out an analysis
fill upping - the process of ensuring gaps are met
capacitation - training
unless and otherwise - until
suggestive steps - proposed (suggested) action plan
botheration - challenge or inconvenience

And my favourite was the description of a six sided shape (clearly an impressive one)
- hectacular!


Rapata said...

One of my favourite Indian words is pre-ponement, the opposite of postponement.

And I always got a chuckle when reading road accident reports and the driver had absconded!!

Feisty Blue Gecko said...

Yes - the first time I heard it I didn't realise it was used in all seriousness!

Absconding - yes, that makes me chuckle too. In Nepal the accidents used to be called "mishaps" - totally inconsistent with the scale of the accident and death and injury caused.