Friday, 1 August 2008

Eclipse perspectives

So now we have a really helpful perspective on the effects of the eclipse (thanks to Konchog's comment) "According to the Tibetan Buddhist calendar, the positive or negative effects of actions during a solar eclipse are multiplied by 10,000." So it is up to us! Think of the effect of what we do - and let's make the most of this opportunity and make sure that we focus on actions with positive effects.

On that note, it is time for a clarification - the stunning eclipse images in yesterday's post are not mine! I didn't realise that some folks might think they were, but I got them from the public domain to illustrate the eclipse. Of course I wish they were!

When the eclipse reaches Colombo later this afternoon it will be in the last stages and due to our southern position will be partial (about 20% visible). It might also be hidden by the heavy clouds which have gathered. Let's see .........................

Dreaming Of Danzan Ravjaa An American Buddhist Monk in and out of Mongolia: Religion, Culture, History and Birdlife
In the meantime, this is the link to Konchog's blog with his thought-provoking insights and experiences which are discerning, perceptive, serious, often amusing and entertaining and always fascinating!

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