Sunday, 15 July 2007

New swimming style

Part of my recovery strategy is to build up my strength and stamina through swimming which I love. So tonight I ventured out to the nearby hotel where I often luxuriate in a long swim and was delighted to find that the pool was completely empty - marvellous! After my recent tummy troubles however, I found that an old back injury was giving a little twinge so to ensure that I didn't aggravate it I experimented to find a swimming style which would work the right muscles. After all you can't pay 200 rupees and then find you can't swim - no Scot could allow that. I am not a crawl person - you can't keep your head above water and your glasses on for that so that one was out of the question, similarly butterfly is not my scene either. So I very quickly settled in to a steady and gentle breast stroke with the arms and a kind of crawl movement with the feet. Perfect - no aggravation, no waste of rupees and steady building of strength and stamina.

But as I was swimming up and down the pool, I started to wonder what this amazing new stroke would be called? I thought it should be either the crest or the brawl being a hybrid of breast and crawl. Given the dignified nature and steady sight I felt I must be, I decided on the crest - how elegant and flowing. And besides I see so many examples in the pool of the other stroke - the macho guys ploughing up and down, arms and legs everywhere, splashing water from one side to the other and managing to take up the whole pool. This so closely resembles a one man fight in a swimming pool it just has to be called the brawl!

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