Saturday, 14 July 2007

Off the radar

Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear!

Well there I was, catching up with everything since my Bangladesh visit, mulling over the wealth of airline and flying anecdotes to share here, when I was totally grounded! After several weeks of general dodginess in the gastro-enteral (enteric? well you know where I mean) region, I finally succumbed to some really spectacular lurgey and was totally off the screen, too sick initially to face going to the doctor, can you imagine! (And to be honest with too great a dependency on my own familiar bathroom). Now I have some wonderfully foul tasting and equally spectacular horse pills to tackle both sets of visitors which had taken up residence and are now in the process of eviction.

That is why there has been no word from FBG.

The good news is that these pills might taste disgusting but they seem to be doing the trick as I am already feeling much better and the energy levels restoring nicely.

So another game of catch up beckons, which includes the imminent posting of travel tips including "how to stay upright with a sleeping child on your shoulder during take-off" and "the advantages of serving in-flight catering before take-off".

More very soon from the temporarily fusty green sicko.

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