Friday, 16 November 2007

Diwali in the jungle

In order to get the most of my break, I left Chennai before daylight for my break in Madhya Pradesh.

Fast forward, two hour flight to Calcutta, 1600 kilometre train journey to Jhansi, and then another 200 kilometres to Panna National park, where we stayed on the banks of the River Ken.

Matching flowers and butterflies outside our cottage.

which itself is nicly set apart from other buildings - not exactly a cramped resort!

Vegetation of Panna National Park
This gorge in Panna is dry in winter, but becomes a spectacular waterfall during the monsoon season.
KIng's view - perfect spot for a cup of tea and watching the sun set over Panna National Park.
A jackal watches us on the track.
The trees are full of these langour monkeys if you take a moment to stop and look

The yellow mark on this picture is the body of a woodspider - you can just make out the black legs - it is HUGE - the legs are 1 - 2 feet long.

The scratch marks tell us that this is a favourite tree of the sloth bear.
Langour monkeys and their designer hooped tails

Sunrise in Bandavgarh as we trail another elusive tiger

Grasses and Fort area of Bandavgarh

Wild boar family

A female spotted deer tries to warm up in the early morning sun.

a sambar deer (I think) watches us pass

Tiger pug marks so fresh that they are on top of the recent jeep tracks.

Another langour watches us
while this young langour hides from the camera

sun sets in Bandavgarh

All in all - a perfect way to spend Diwali, in the jungles of Madhya Pradesh.

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