Friday, 2 November 2007

Northern squirrels

I was in Delhi last week and able to observe the behaviour of squirrels in the north of India. Fascinating!

I had been amazed by the squirrels in Chennai - and particularly by the unexpected noise they make - Toot tooot tooooot!!

However, while breakfasting at my guest house in Delhi last week, I found it really relaxing to watching the northern squirrel cousins going about their daily activities. But most of all, I was astounded to discover that they really do make a totally different noise. they chirrup and chatter just as I had expected their southern relatives to do. I wonder if this is a localised language issue? Do the southern ones speak squirrel Tamil and the northern ones squirrel Hindi? Can the Delhi squirrels understand Edinburgh squirrels? More and more I see the need to study this further.

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