Thursday, 7 June 2007

So that will be no sugar and no ice?

One of the things I love about India and Nepal is the incredible creativity when it comes to different jobs, how to repair absolutely anything and how to make something out of apparent rubbish.

Sometimes in the juice shop I have noticed a man bashing an inner tube on the pavement beside the shop and to be honest I hadn’t actually thought anything strange of it. I just thought that was his job. I had a vague notion that he was bashing the air out of the inner tube.

This morning I was mindlessly consuming my watermelon juice and out of the corner of my eye noticed one of the juice shop workers extracting two huge blocks of ice from a cold box. My attention woken, I watched as slipped the blocks inside half of an inner tube and started to bash it with a metal pipe. I hadn’t noticed before that it was not a complete inner tube because it had been folded at the ends so that no ice escaped. After a few minutes of bashing, the crushed ice was emptied back into the ice box ready for the next customers. “ice with your watermelon juice, madam? – “er, not today thank you!”

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