Saturday, 30 June 2007

Blue moon

I have just learned something really interesting! Just sitting here catching up on e-mails I spotted the moon shining through the trees outside the balcony. It looked like full moon but to check for sure I googled it - and got more than I expected. Not only is today full moon - it is also a blue moon! Apparently there really is an astrological phenomenon (unpronounceable one too!) - bear with me if I am last on the planet to discover this - called a blue moon.

According to the Hindu News, June 30 is ‘blue moon’ day
HYDERABAD: This month will witness an uncommon occurrence of two full moons. While the first full moon occurred on June 1, there will be another on June 30.When such an event occurs, the second full moon is called the ‘blue moon’ due to the uncommon happening and not because the moon in any way turns blue, according to B.G. Sidharth, Director-General, B.M. Birla Science Centre.In a press release on Wednesday, he said a ‘blue moon’ month occurs once in a few years and at times in about 12 years.

Apparently there are many more technical details, but that is enough for me. Enlightened blue gecko!

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