Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Alms giving - or taking?

"Didn't I tell you to give the alms to the MONKS?!"

I just loved this - walking back from the boddhi tree at Anuradhapura's sacred city, we were harrassed by monkeys who were after the offerings carried by the pilgrims and visitors to the stupa. But I am not quite sure how they got hold of this!

Travels in the other north

After my visit to the other north, which was one of the most intense and extreme experiences of my life, hubby J and I took off for the weekend to the historic and sacred sites in Dambulla and Anuradhapura in a very different north.In true Sri Lanka hospitality we were welcomed to our room - with a message written in flowers on the floor.
We were staying on the shores on Lake Kandalama, with views of Sigiriya to the north and set in a very tranquil and natural environment.

I think there were more squirrels than guests - they were having a ball all around the grounds. The pool was enormous and the water warm and comfortable, and even the dining area and bar are set in open air.

It was a real break - traditional dancers at night and of course,
a flowery good night message!